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Google Cloud got a tool for detecting cryptocurrency miners

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Google Cloud got a tool for detecting cryptocurrency miners

Google has launched a new security feature, Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD), designed for Google Cloud customers. This feature is used to detect and block cryptocurrency miners that can mine virtual money without users knowing.

According to last year’s statistics, miners account for more than 86% of all cloud node compromises.

VMTD works without the use of software agents and constantly scans the memory of virtual machines deployed in Google Cloud for signs of increased CPU or GPU load, that is, the characteristic signs of miners.

As part of the product roadmap, the Security Command Center Team sought to build better protection for its Virtual Machine users. The result is VMTD, a program that provides agentless memory scanning to help detect threats like crypto-mining malware. As well as delivering protections from coin mining, the VMTD also secures users from data exfiltration and ransomware.Google experts say.

At the same time, the company emphasizes that VMTD will only work with non-confidential memory, that is, it will not process the memory of Confidential nodes.

Detection of cryptocurrency miners

To avoid false positives, the feature is disabled by default, but paid users can enable it in the Security Command Center settings, where it is an add-on for Event Threat Detection and Container Threat Detection.

While the functionality is in public preview mode, customers are advised to enable the new protection only for small portions of their nodes and closely monitor the performance impact of VMTD.

The VMTD will steadily integrate with other parts of Google Cloud over the coming months, benefitting further Google Cloud users.Google representatives said.

Let me also remind you that, for example, Developers built a miner for cryptocurrency into Norton 360 antivirus is completely official.

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