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CrowdStrike Introduces Charlotte AI, the World’s First Cyber Security AI Analyst

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CrowdStrike Introduces Charlotte AI, the World’s First Cyber Security AI Analyst

Security company CrowdStrike announced Charlotte AI, a generative AI analyst that uses the best and most comprehensive cyber threat data and continuously improves through feedback from industry-leading attack detection and response experts.

CrowdStrike trained the model on information about recent security events the company has experienced, information about threats from hacker groups and ongoing attacks, and telemetry for users, devices, and cloud workloads.

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In the training data, CrowdStrike also included a dataset that details how CrowdStrike employees prevented hacks around the world.

Charlotte AI will help users of all levels improve their ability to prevent breaches and reduce the complexity of cybersecurity. Customers will be able to ask questions in English and dozens of other languages and get clear answers.

Charlotte AI is an AI cybersecurity analyst that will be available to every user of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, helping them better understand the threats and risks their organization faces.

For example, a CISO preparing for a board meeting can ask Charlotte AI a few simple questions to get real-time information about an organization’s risk profile, including its threat landscape, risk level relative to critical vulnerabilities, current cybersecurity status, etc.

And for less experienced IT and security professionals, Charlotte AI can help make decisions faster, reducing response time to critical incidents. Charlotte AI will provide real-time answers as well as recommended actions.

If a company has a new information security analyst, then Charlotte AI will help him work as a more advanced analyst with simple queries such as:

  1. “Which hacker groups are attacking us?”;
  2. “What critical vulnerabilities are exploited by attackers?”;
  3. “Is the company exposed to any recent vulnerability?”;
  4. “Can you check all my endpoints for any IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) you find?”

Charlotte AI by CrowdStrike

As for the security expert, Charlotte AI automates repetitive and routine tasks such as data collection, search and detection of threats, and makes it easier to perform more complex security actions.

For example, with a simple natural language query, a specialist can harness the power of all the CrowdStrike APIs for any process of detecting, investigating, or responding to an attack.

Generative AI has the potential to be a democratizing force for the information security professional. According to CrowdStrike, Charlotte AI can elevate a security novice to a pro, as well as help existing security professionals become threat-searching experts.

Charlotte AI will provide a natural language interface to the Falcon platform and Charlotte AI is currently available in private preview for customers.

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