Our group of web security professionals is represented by passionate and experienced technicians who develop detailed how-to guides and security-related tutorials and knowledge databases, as well as profound and unbiased anti-virus software analysis performed by IT geeks.

Testing Techniques

We refer to the techniques that concentrate on the integrity, safety, and daily routine work by each specific customer. This includes evaluating both key components and specific functionalities to establish whether or not an organization can keep up with its stated marketing promises.

We purchase the software. We would like to be confident that we’re evaluating the tools as if we are in the shoes of our customers. We completely ignore any “freebies” from developers that attempt to purchase reviews from us because that wouldn’t make our project 100% fair. We are proud of being straightforward and clear, and to accomplish that, we have to perform the reviews as the customers.

We evaluate the software. Our procedure is pretty well-tuned. We estimate each component of software via a range of profound estimations that are elaborated to establish possible security leaks in areas where the majority of testing agents would never decide to investigate. We perform this to make sure that each part of tool we recommend won’t represent any risks for you, and you’ll be confident that you use a software you can rely upon.

We refund the utility. If you’re ever unhappy with a license, you may have the confidence that you can give it back and obtain 100% of your previously spent funds.

We describe this complete procedure in all details — as well as all interconnections with client service — to be sure that everything is well-done and simple for you in case certain aspects fail to work out the way you would like to.


What Do We Evaluate in an Antivirus?

Our test methods with priorities of features’ estimation analyze personal security functions to establish if they work as advertised. Here’s what we specifically estimate:

Real-Time Defense. We would like to find out whether malicious items are identified as soon as they are revealed. If your system can’t remain defended in the real-time environment, you have lost your first line of protection.

Dangerous URLs. Antivirus must possess a preliminary knowledge of whether or not you’re going to visit a page that could potentially damage your device and cause your PC a lot of problems.

Establishing Phishing Attacks. A powerful security tool will report whether a webpage or email is benign and assist you identifying potential phishing resources and hyperlinks.

Dealing with Spam. Antivirus programs furnished with spam filtering components maintain your email accounts free of unwanted spam and possible phishing attacks.

System Resources. We establish the degree of impact of the antivirus on your hardware.

Firewall. Essential threats can damage your system by means of your network. We establish the effectiveness of a firewall to control your network.

Parental Controls. Parental controls help you be in charge of what content your kids can deal with.

VPN. We give priority to antivirus apps that use VPN Service.

How Do We Evaluate an Antivirus?

We have elaborated a step-by-step testing procedure that we apply when estimating the quality of an antivirus tool. Here’s what we perform:

Buy the Tool. We buy every antivirus we investigate to make sure that you have the first-hand expertise of its main features as a client. We never refer to “free” accounts or licenses provided to us by the developers because we would like to experience the application of the tool in the same manner you would.

Investigation of the Setup Procedure. We test how complex the setup procedure is, how it reflects your system and its suitability for popular operating systems.

Clicking on Malicious URLs. We research dangerous URLs in a virtual mode to establish how the antivirus software reacts to the malware attacks.

Download Infections. We download the latest malware to establish the speed of an antivirus reaction for detecting the threats in real-time.

Document Malware Identification. We make records of every milestone of the antivirus’s reaction to malware and establish whether or not the device gets damaged.

Estimate Real-Time Protection. We find out whether an antivirus tool is able to restrict your device from downloading infected items.

Cooperate with Customer Service. We cooperate with customer service to ask technical questions and estimate how straightforward the refund procedure is.

Other Essential Principles

There are certain extra factors that we take into consideration when reviewing cybersecurity applications. We also give emphasis to:

Plans and Costs. We inspect how various methods will affect different customers, compare features between applications, and assist you in making decisions which render best matches for your computer security requirements.

Simplicity of Use and Installation. We search for security solutions that are compatible and simple to install and run with a wide range of Windows, iOS, and Android appliances.

Customer Service. We provide favorable scores to software developers that render an exceptional customer service by means of on-call software support, email, and reimbursements.

TrustCoyote strives for giving you fair, precise, and absolutely unbiased surveys and conclusions about all the latest computer security programs available. If you believe that certain facts on our website contradict these affirmations, or if you believe that a part of program must be reviewed again, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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