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Citrix SASE and Zero Trust Products Offer New Standard for Digital Workplace Security

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Citrix SASE and Zero Trust Products Offer New Standard for Digital Workplace Security

Citrix introduced new SASE and Zero Trust solutions for unified, secure and reliable application access anytime, anywhere, on any device. In this way, Citrix is trying to set a new standard for digital workplace security.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to cloud computing and telecommuting. Today’s dynamic work environment promises new levels of productivity and innovation. But at the same time have appeared problems that are related to information security and reliability.

The number of cyberattacks has skyrocketed. Since the start of the pandemic, when many workers gained remote access to corporate resources, the number of allegations of cyberattacks has grown by 400%, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Citrix® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) unveiled two new workplace security solutions that protect access and applications wherever an employee is.

“Organizations are struggling these days: In a dynamic corporate environment, they use solutions that were built to protect static perimeters. A completely different approach is needed. Companies can improve security, productivity and efficiency with solutions that provide centralized management and distributed deployment across their entire environment”, — says John Grady, a cybersecurity analyst at ESG, an independent research firm.

Citrix starts with the digital workspace and uses an application-centric approach to develop relevant offerings. In a single solution, the company has combined an SD-WAN network and a complete cloud security stack, integrated with Zero Trust Network Access technology with support for identification (Zero Trust Network Access). This enables organizations to securely deliver cloud and web applications with high performance and reliability in a variety of work environments.

Two new Citrix solutions will help companies accelerate their transition to Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) architecture and justify their security investments.

Citrix Secure Internet Access is a global, end-to-end cloud service that meets the security needs of today’s businesses. The system includes a web security gateway, next generation firewall, CASB secure cloud access broker, DLP, sandbox and AI intrusion detection system.

Citrix Secure Workspace Access is a no-VPN solution that provides zero-trust access to corporate web and SaaS applications from managed and personal devices.

“Today’s businesses need an intelligent zero-trust workplace safety approach that protects users without interfering with the workflow. That’s what our digital workplace security solutions are all about”, — says Fermin Serna, Citrix Director of Information Security.

These words are corroborated by a recent joint survey by Pulse and Citrix of senior executives in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. 97% of respondents named the working conditions of employees as the main factor determining the safety strategy, while 75% said that they are trying to improve them using various methods.

Citrix’s approach to security offers companies the following benefits:

  • Increase security and productivity with zero-trust access to all cloud and web applications and digital workplaces.
  • Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly obtain information about user actions and automatically prevent cyberattacks. At the same time, the functioning of digital workplaces for employees remains stable.
  • Detection of common security incidents, atypical activity and policy violations using expert methods and detailed analysis of all traffic and user behaviour.
  • Protection from all threats everywhere (using more than 100 points of presence, managed by more than 10 intelligent systems to prevent threats).
  • Full coverage of all popular cloud and SaaS features, devices and operating systems.
  • Deliver consistently high application performance regardless of network availability with built-in SD-WAN technologies, application optimization, and peering with thousands of SaaS services.

“We are increasingly using the public cloud (IaaS, SaaS, hosted applications). We need secure and reliable access channels that provide consistent user experience. With Citrix® Workspace ™ we have moved away from traditional VPNs and now offer workers and partners secure access to zero-trust infrastructures, regardless of device type. We use a single dashboard and provide employees with a great working environment”, — said Sriram Sitaraman, Chief Information Officer at Synopsys.

Learn more about Citrix solutions for controlling, protecting, and monitoring technologies in the cloud here.

Let me remind you that we recently wrote about Windows Defender that blocks Citrix products and considers them to be malware.

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