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BullGuard Antivirus Review 2021 – Is the Free Version Enough?

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BullGuard Antivirus Review 2021 – Is the Free Version Enough?

Independent evaluators from AV-Comparatives labeled BullGuard with two Advanced and two Advanced+ certifications. That is good and high performative results for the antimalware product, according to the sector’s evaluation table.
Operating System

Windows 7/8/10

Real-Time Protection


Webcam Protection


Vulnerability Scanner




Free Automatic Updates


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Free Trial



$99 - 1 year/10 devices


BullGuard designed to deliver as much as possible services in one stable window.
A BullGuard's Safe Browsing component seized 81% of the URLs.
BullGuard's overall spotting rate of 89% is higher than usual.


All 3 + 1 BullGuard packages have relatively weak performance : the product obtained 8.2 points in a spectrum of tests, while the standard Windows Defender produced by Microsoft received 8.3 points.
The backup can be set only by manual initiation.

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In most significant components, the BullGuard Antimalware is a smart and comfortable product, that delivers a menu of most used services like a phishing, malware and firewall protection with relatively mild impact on a processes which is in development on a computer.

Meanwhile, such a critically significant option like Backup, that is consistent with the Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and external USB begins to be in charge only after manual, not by the default, setting. So, such inconsistency enabling the case, when the user will not have the instrument to bring back not saved files. Probably it’s most significant refinement of the product.

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Lab nests

A line of well-known lab tests evaluated BullGuard Antimalware with quite high scores. Meanwhile, some experts to note, the antimalware has some weaknesses regarding the ransomware attack shielding. Also, the BullGuard Antivirus 2018 edition, in comparison with the previous versions, has no spam filter. However, this lack is substituted with a vulnerability scanner now industrialized with an autonomous antivirus and equipped with advanced Game Booster facility. Additionally, the antimalware at least completely lacks a ransomware attack shielding facility.

Independent evaluators from AV-Comparatives labeled BullGuard with two Advanced and two Advanced+ certifications. That is, according to the sector’s evaluation table, it is good and high performative results for an antimalware product. Further, Specialists at AV-Test Institute described the product with the six maximum points regarding the basic product function criteria like: — protection, — performance, and – usability (not to overweight the RAM by the scanning of valid programs). Within the scope mentioned, the BullGuard collected 5.5 points for protection and performance. But at the same time, a dozen non-valid positive detections downgraded the product usability rating to 5 points, within a total of 16 points.

All 3 + 1 BullGuard packages — AntiVirus, Internet Security, BullGuard Premium Protection, BullGuard Mobile Security performed attractive results in a so-called “traditional virus identification” during BullGuard processes evaluation. By some evaluations, this antivirus might be described as one of the well–performing malware detection products placed in the market today. Within the field “malware protection”, the BullGuard Antimalware has some gaps to be enhanced. The product obtained 8.2 points in a spectrum of tests. The standard Windows Defender produced by Microsoft received 8.3 points. Concerning the URL blocking, BullGuard shielded the computer for only 89% of the hazards. The performance of the system, as experts report, is not enough smooth, and for many specialists this is should be resolved task.

A prevailing amount of the BullGuard reviews focus the attention on the fact, that some obsolete computers will be a little bit slowed down after the start of the programm. Bullguard’s malware protection permanently scored among the best in the sector by advanced testing laboratories.

👉🏻 BullGuard installation process

An online BullGuard account user should create or log after the program completes the uploading. The program downloads the newest antimalware data automatically. After the scan finalization, the user gets a register of spotted security hazards. It also informs the user if some weak IOS updates point nonreliable Wi-Fi connections, classify unsigned device drivers, and deliver some more services. But, before the BullGuard’s full security suite installed, only Antivirus, Vulnerabilities, and Game Booster option can be used.

BullGuard designed to deliver as much as possible services in one stable window without the urgency to opt-out the main window and tumbling within the subpanels. The full scan time period is about 55 minutes, slightly less than the current average. A repeat scan finalization takes five minutes.

👉🏻 Fishing protection:

BullGuard’s results in the previous version concerning fishing protection of 6 points of Norton’s detection rate. Meanwhile, the latest edition scored 35 points in the Norton detection rate and took the third position among the three well-known browsers.

But this time the BullGuard scored 5 points behind Norton and outperformed the 3 mentioned browsers.

👉🏻 Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing points links to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook, so, the user is alerted abiut links to hazardous sites.

A green circle signals the site is safe, a red sign marks a site the user shouldn’t observe. A definite and well visible icon, shows a small pop-up list, depicting the website’s categories and hazard levels.

👉🏻 Vulnerability Scan

After a dozen of the evaluations, due to the non-significant number of its users, the developers removed a spam filter from the BullGuard’s current edition. But simultaneously, they advanced the vulnerability scan to the autonomous antivirus mode. Previously, this component required an upgrade to one of the BullGuard suites. And if a user did not launch it before, this service runs in the background mode to scan the system for security issues.

👉🏻 Game Booster

Many security products include a feature that suspends notifications and scheduled scans when you’re playing a game or using other full-screen program.

BullGuard’s Game Booster, like similar antimalware products, has a feature that suspends notes and scheduled scans while playing a game or so. When doing so, the program, also assures to “protect your gaming experience from framerate drops caused by other programs.”

👉🏻 Malware protection:

After passing through the London-based MRG-Effitas test, BullGuard’s Safe Browsing component seized 81% of the URLs. BullGuard’s overall spotting rate of 89%; it is higher than usual, but not the top score. The same time, Norton has 98% of shielding protection and Trend Micro Antivirus obtained a 97% score. The BullGuard has quick, full, and custom scanning options. The BullGuard also has a quarantine zone to store or delete infected files. A quick scan can be started in one click on the dashboard without additional window opening. A progress bar under the antivirus icon shows the scan’s results. Usually, the quick scan doesn’t consume more than 2% of CPU. The BullGuard protection coverage features a vulnerability scanner also. A program permanently scans for potentially hazardous practices such as applying for some outdated programs, connections to unsecured WiFi networks or applying drivers without digital signatures.

A most frequently requested BullGuard’s Premium Protection package includes the following features:

👉🏻 Firewall protection

The software proposes an installed programs list, supplied with the basic firewall rule with allow or block options. In order to install more sophisticated tunings like a limiting port, the user needs to press a button that directs him to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. This advanced firewall manager is quite enough to ensure that rogue programs are not connecting to the internet and users’ personal data is protected of leaking.

👉🏻 Premium Protection Backup

A package provides a solid backup facility, integrated duly with a line of cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and external USBs. The backup can be set only by manual initiation. A package mentioned early also provides a built-in device for defragmenting the Windows Registry and browser caches cleaning. It also wipes out nonrelevant Windows’ files like temp directory, various log files, and crash dumps. This option able to save users cleanup processes for future scans and he is not obliged to check the files marked when the programme starts work.

Package Features

Most generally, there are 3 packages to select:

  • BullGuard AntiVirus. — The option delivers full protection for one single device for 12 months for $29.99. The BullGuard AntiVirus provides anti-ransomware, the vulnerability scanner, and Game Booster.
  • BullGuard Internet Security. — Together with the tolls the previous package delivers, IS contains firewall protection, e-mail spam blocking, parental control, PC TuneUp, and antimalware protection for 3 devices. The basic price is $59.99 for one year of protection. And, in some conditions, about 50% can be saved and the package can be purchased for $29.99.
  • BullGuard Premium Protection – provides supplementary components like Financial Protection, Identity Protection, and password manager. The user can use online 25 GB storage for 3 devices. With the 60% discount, the user can purchase Premium Protection for $40.
  • BullGuard Mobile Security — a free version, that doesn’t overload the battery. Antitheft, SIM Protection, and Mobile Security Manager are also available with the Mobile Security version. The BullGuard Mobile Security also includes remote management option and device tracking service — in case the device is lost or been stolen. This package costs $14.99.

Notably: BullGuard offers remarkable discounts for new users. All the figures mentioned are discounted prices. A new user are able to save up to 60% of the money.

BullGuard Customer Support

BullGuard doesn’t provide tech support via the phone. They operates 8 languages email support, and 24/7 response time live chat support is available for the customers that speak English, Spanish, and Chinese. If a customer speaks French, German, Danish, Sweden, or the Netherlands language, the support will be provided from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

To have faster response, the user can contact BullGuard via the accounts on Facebook and Twitter. To inform customers about updates, the blog is permanently updated with recent interviews and expert briefs. An annual BullGuard subscription price is $29.95.

BullGuard Antivirus Coupons: Get Your Promo Discount

The user can save up to 60% using BullGuard coupons. Basic Antivirus price is $23.96, this is 20% off the primary price. Bullguard Internet Security price is $29.97, it is 50% lower the original price — $59.99. The Premium Protection plan price is $39.98; the primary price is $99.99. Both plans include one-year shielding for multiple devices, but with some specifications.

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