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Avira Antivirus Pro Review 2022 – Key Point Summary

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Avira Antivirus Pro Review 2022 – Key Point Summary

Avira is a German IT company that operates on the market for more than 30 years.
Operating System

Windows 7/8/10/11

Real-Time Protection


Webcam Protection


Vulnerability Scanner




Free Automatic Updates


Quiet Mode




24/7 Support

Yes - For paid version only.

Free Trial

No, but has Avira Free Edition


$130 - 1 year/25 devices


Avira antivirus is available in free and paid versions. However, some specialists suppose spending money on premium packages is not obligatory due to a non-significant difference in a product's optional content.


It doesn’t have a firewall, which is essential in preventing hackers and malware from reaching your computer.

Fails to detect about 30% of the phishing sites by our tests. Avira’s main competitors do much better on that.

Tech support is accessible with paid packages only. However, Avira answered Email requests within a few workdays, and the answers were valuable and easy to understand.

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Avira blew me away with its strong focus on protecting computers without the bells and whistles. Other companies stuff their applications with useless features, but Avira has earned a reputation for its laser focus on security and antivirus scanning. While the company does have some room for improvement, Avira is a terrific and affordable security tool.

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Avira Antivirus Pro
Avira offers a full spectrum of services, such as VPN, software updater, etc. The key focus of the company’s product is antimalware soft, which the well-established independent IT labs appreciate. Today, the Avira experts prolong to enhance antivirus quality. These days the Avira team performs an advanced version of Avira Antivirus.

Avira Performance

A dozen auditing labs have already tested Avira Antivirus Pro. According to the conclusion of AV-Test, dated as of summer 2019, Avira scored 100% in the evaluation of its efficiency in the zero-day dangers test scenarios. Avira also was tested for malware identification, and the antivirus scored 99.9%. The product also accumulated 6 out of 6 points for criteria — the level of protection, usability, and performance. During the Real-world protection test, conducted in Sep 2021, Avira gathered and canceled 99,5% of the threats, and only one false positive occurred.

Avira Antivirus performed a 96,6% malware identification rate for offline threats and a 99,9% education level for online threats with only two false positives. The shield rate for online detection equaled 99.98%. It deserves underlining; the tests were undertaken on several different platforms. Avira is a powerful antimalware, showing high-profile lab results for safety and validity. A comprehensive poll of healthy-known specialists called it one of the best antiviruses in 2022.

The well–known expert poll noted that Avira Antivirus is one of the most reliable and valid antimalware products. But, during antivirus usage, a user with a high probability level will not notice the working process. So, a user will see the results and be deeply engaged in the process.

According to the experts’ point of view, a new edition delivers several times higher working results than any similar antimalware product regarding the delay minimization during working time.

Avira Installing

Avira Installing
Installing Avira consumes a few minutes after downloading the application and starting the installation wizard. Once the abovementioned steps are done, the main screen will provide a general conclusion about a computer’s health. Most frequently using categories like Antivirus, Firewall, Web Protection, and more have icons indicating the user if it is in progress and what kind of task is in implementation.

Avira Functions

The user can scan a wide spectrum of options in the Module Tabs and see scan logs in the Activity section. Avira does not provide many options for settings. The antivirus rather works in a basic mode. The Avira Antivirus is appropriate for usage on Mac, with the same toolbar similar to the PC version. The company advertises an app for Android devices also.

➡️ Customizable Scans

Avira Custom Scan
Avira has an instrument for creating a custom scan. For this purpose, the product offers a “Create new scan” option. In addition, Avira made a big green button for a quick scan on the main page for users who prefer not to be penetrated into many details. To observe more detailed scanning options, the user can find a scan tab with the main options: Full, Quick, and Custom. The amount of custom scans is not limited. Users may choose a partial or a complete scanning, for example.

If anyone wants a set-it-and-forget-it antivirus, he can also customize how the program scans the computer. Avira removes automatically any malware, even when a scan is not running. In some particular cases, Avira founds and deletes harmful files before or even without notifying the user. In addition, antimalware can remove harmful files hidden on a computer. Even malware is not active or packed.

➡️ Ransomware Protection

Avira’s team permanently strives to be ahead of the cybercriminals that use ransomware. Avira Antivirus delivers a premium feature, permanently spotting suspicious algorithms and behavioral facts pretending to be on the usual computer operations. So, it can identify even the most sophisticated ransomware and prevent attacks before it becomes too late.

Also, Avira Antivirus installed addons in a web browser. Of course, these apps are not as harmful as malware. Meanwhile, it can slow the PC’s speed and make it less comfortable. This toolbar is also tricky to remove. Avira antivirus also delivers a shield from phishing attacks on websites via shady links scanning, fake websites monitoring, and additional options.

➡️ Phishing Detection

Avira’s expert team assures to protect the users from phishing sites. But unfortunately, many popular antiviruses cannot spot the most used phishing pages.

It’s well known that users can apply Avira’s safeguarding for phishing cyber hazards via the safety extension of Chrome or Firefox to be kept away from troubles connected with phishing.

➡️ Users’ Finances Protects

Combined with blocking phishing attempts, Avira Antivirus keeps users safe when paying for online items and services and personal finances. The Avira payment protection algorithms keep customers safe from banking trojans, nonlegal shopping sites, and bank websites infected by sophisticated malware. An option assist a buyer in navigating and steering clear of suspicious websites and holding the user from sharing his credit card and personal details with hackers.

➡️ Real-Time signatures updates

Avira permanently scans all kinds of files in real-time before opening them by the user and informing him whether it is dangerous or not. Avira updates its library to produce a new signature to ensure users don’t get infected again by the already-known malware if it detects some hazard.

➡️ Support

The company’s support webpage is a comfortable source to navigate Avira’s options. Avira’s knowledge of the basic answers for most common requests provides a library of articles and video tutorials concerning the possibilities of how to protect a computer in a better way. In addition, the user has an opportunity to check out Avira’s Virus Lab, which is permanently adding new articles regarding viruses and malware. The company’s phone number will provide personal assistance for audial users. Also, customers can write requests via the email ticket form. Tech support is available for paid versions only.

Available Package and Extras

Avira Antivirus Prime

To cover the needs of a larger number of customers, the company offers several packages. Here is a short description of the features:

Avira Free

Avira Free Security Suite (for Windows)

  • Essential antivirus protection
  • VPN (1 GB/month)
  • Tune-up utilities – starter kit
  • Manual software updates
  • Password manager
  • Personal privacy assistant
  • Browser tracking blocker

Avira Internet Security Suite

  • All features which go with Avira Pro package
  • Software upgrader
  • Password manager

Avira Prime (cross-platform; can cover up to 25 devices per home)

  • Premium antivirus protection
  • VPN (unlimited surfing)
  • Automatic software updates
  • Password manager
  • Personal privacy assistant and VIP customer support
  • Browser tracking blocker
  • Premium mobile apps
  • and more.

Avira Pricing

Avira Antivirus is available in free and paid versions. Some tech-specialist supposes that it’s not obligatory to spend money on premium packages due to non-significant differences in a product’s free content. Recently, Avira redesigned its antivirus to enable it to a more comfortable and intelligent version.

Avira Antivirus Free – includes scanning tools, real-time protection. It also includes a plugin for the Chrome browser that keeps you safe (thanks to a tracking blocker and safe browsing option).

Avira Antivirus Pro – has all the needed tools available, and it also adds software updates for your installed applications. In addition, you can pay once for the Pro version to update your Avira Antivirus Free and revert to the free version in the future.

The annual pricing is the following:

Plan Price for 1 device Price for 3 devices Price for 5 devices
Avira Internet Security Suite 2022 $57.99 $70.99 $83.99
Avira Prime 2022 $99.99

You can purchase Avira Prime package for five devices for $99.99. An unlimited Prime package will cost you $130—mind that the fair-use policy will apply, which means you can’t use more than 25 devices. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available with all the packages.

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